Major Data Center

Services: Energy Procurement, Demand Reduction, Incentives/Credits

Identified and implemented significant energy supply and demand side opportunities for a major NE data center, resulting in a 35% reduction in unit costs, a 22% reduction in kWh consumption and $165,000 in incentives realization.

Research Facility

Services: Incentives/Credits

Developed and managed the Energy Efficiency Credit Certification and Sales Process for a 10MW cogeneration facility in Connecticut, resulting in excess of $1,000,000 in annual credits.

Country Club/Private Lake Community Facilities

Services: Audit, Staff Training

ECCA conducted an audit of facilities and infrastructure and identified opportunities to reduce the energy/carbon footprint 25%. The assignment included developing and conducting a comprehensive energy awareness/training program for management and facilities staff.

Manufacturing Facility

Services: Incentives/Credits, Demand Reduction

An ECCA principal developed, in conjunction with the region’s electrical utility, a customized Incentive Program for a large manufacturing facility in Michigan, resulting in $300,000+ in annual incentive payments for energy conservation initiatives.

Commercial Facilities

Services: Benchmarking

Managed a regional commercial space benchmarking initiative to identify and implement best practices to reduce energy/carbon footprint. The study resulted in $3,000,000 in savings opportunities and several new and refined facilities management and operations processes.

Pharmaceutical Corporation

Services: Colleague Energy Awareness/Communications

Developed and implemented a Global Corporate Energy/Carbon Awareness Program, including a communications toolkit and establishment of a Global Energy Awareness and Communications Team to manage the ongoing communications program.

Pharmaceutical Corporation

Services: Incentives/Credits

A principal of ECCA developed an America’s wide 3rd Party Management Incentives/Credits Program, including identification, data collection, certification and execution, resulting in $1,500,000+ in realized incentives.

Commercial Facilities

Services: Renewable Energies

A Solar Purchase Power Agreement Program was developed for two commercial facilities for a Fortune 50 Corporation, providing clean energy at reduced unit costs and contributing to established  renewable energy and carbon footprint reduction goals.